New Eyelash Extensions Studio and Training Academy Opens in Sarasota, Florida

Press Release

Glam Lash Extensions & Academy Launches Training and Services Center

Sarasota, FL., May 1, 2016 — Glam Lash Extensions & Academy, has opened its first eyelash extensions studio and training academy in Sarasota, Florida

Eyelash Extensions are here to stay! A fast growing and lucrative addition to the $61 billion dollar beauty industry, “Eyelash Extensions have made a splash and we believe it is an essential that all beauty salons, day spas, make up artists and related service providers are able to offer professional eyelash extensions done by highly trained stylists to their clients by getting the highest quality training available” says Susan Stolt Founder/CEO of Glam Lash Extensions & Academy.

The semi-permanent eyelash extensions industry is projected to triple in size over the next 5 years, and stylists are currently making up to $100,000 annually. Licensing varies from state to state, and certification can be completed in 2 day intensive training course. Dedicated practice is needed to gain speed and skill.” I have been an advanced certified eyelash extension and permanent cosmetic artist since 2006, and after repairing a lot of poorly applied eyelash extensions from many other stylists, I decided that there was a need for highly trained and qualified eyelash extension artists” says Susan Stolt. “We also provide our high quality eyelash extension services to the local area, so that we stay on top of the latest techniques and advancements in the eyelash extension profession.”

“Our detailed and intense training will give our students cutting edge techniques as well as a comprehensive knowledge of all that pertains to selling and applying semi permanent eyelash extensions safely and lucratively.

In the beauty world, there has always been a focus on the eyes. Cosmetic chemists, makeup artists, and even dermatologists are constantly working to develop new products and techniques that play up this key feature. While lash growth serums seem to have staying power, and the latest mascaras certainly work wonders, by far the best way to create the length and fullness women want is with professionally applied eyelash extensions.

Unlike lash strips, extensions are applied one at a time to a woman’s natural eyelashes using long-lasting medical grade adhesives. Each set of lashes are completely customizable, as most extension brands offer a large range of lengths, colors, and curvatures. Clients can shower, swim, and exercise with the lashes, and most women find they don’t need eye makeup when the eyelash extensions are applied, which also saves them time and money.

Once a client gets extensions, she is likely to return to the salon spa in order to maintain her youthful long lash look “Offering this service can attract women to the salon spa for the lashes, and once they are there, they will want other services, too, like eyebrow tinting or waxing waxing” says Stolt.

It’s important to understand the training and time commitment involved. Applying 60-120 lash extensions to each eye is a tedious and time-consuming process. The success of a eyelash extension business depends on the quality of the service provided. ‘You’ll never get repeat clients or referrals if women are unhappy with how their lashes are applied or look,” says Stolt

Due to hormonal changes as women age they lose density and length and no longer have the lashes they had when they were younger. So, the mature client is looking for a method to turn back the aging process and bring back her youthful sexy, expressive eyes. In addition, women in there 20s and 30s are all about beautiful looking eyes and have become a large market for this service.