New SearchBlox Software Guide Details Simple Way to Search Amazon S3 Buckets

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SearchBlox Software, Inc., a leading enterprise search specialist, published a new guide to searching Amazon Simple Storage Service, or S3, buckets. With Amazon’s already-popular cloud-based S3 storage system enjoying even greater uptake among enterprises in recent times, being able to search and analyze the “buckets” of data it hosts is a high priority. As with dozens of other compatible data sources, SearchBlox makes it simple to search S3 buckets, perform sentiment analysis, and produce incisive text analytics. A link to the new guide to SearchBlox-enabled aws cloud search can be found at

“Amazon’s S3 cloud-hosted storage service has become a mainstay of the industry, with users everywhere appreciating the attractive blend of simplicity and cost-effectiveness it offers,” SearchBlox Software representative Timo Selvaraj said, “We’ve worked hard to ensure that SearchBlox makes the S3 experience even more rewarding, just like with the many other data sources that we accommodate. Our new guide shows just how simple it is to get started with searching S3 buckets, with only a bare minimum of setup being needed.”

Although best known as an online retailer, Amazon has also been a pioneer of the cloud-based computing-resource movement. The company’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) division reported sales of $2.57 billion in its most recent earnings report, with sky-high margins allowing AWS to contribute more than two-thirds of Amazon’s total operating income.

One of the first and most consistently popular products offered by AWS is the Simple Storage Service. Users of S3 upload data of any kind into content-agnostic “buckets” that can be dedicated to anything from the hosting of multimedia files to the backing up of mission-critical data archives.

Being one of the most capable and flexible enterprise search and text analytics tools available today, SearchBlox integrates seamlessly with S3. As the new SearchBlox Software guide to the matter shows, setting up SearchBlox to index and provide search for any given S3 bucket takes only minutes, even while users have the option of tuning any of a number of parameters.

The new guide details a single powerful capability of a system that integrates just as naturally and capably with dozens more. The most recent major SearchBlox update, for example, added 35 new data sources, along with a number of performance boosts, the addition of sentiment analysis functionality, and a new HTTP-based API for the system’s web crawler. Those interested can learn more at the SearchBlox Software website.

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