New Software Gain 87% More Traction At Online Trading Signals Firm NEO2 Squire

Press Release

Binary investment options signals start up NEO2 Squire is seeing massive increases in the percentage of investors requesting and downloading their new options trading software. Downloads are up over 87% as compared to other similar auto-trader software released within the last 12 months. Auto-Trader software systems are very popular with binary options traders who are looking for ways to maximize trading where time is an issue. Auto trading software can be used as a defensive strategy to perform trades when there are uncertainties in the market and correct analysis is crucial. Co-founder Michael Freeman says, ” A good auto-trading system can sometimes perform at an 87% success rate simply because of the amount of data analyzed.”

“The new trading software is one the most popular indicators on the market today and is showing signs of becoming more popular as new traders come into the market on a daily basis,” says NEO2 co-founder Michael Freeman. ” With binary options trading you have a set time for expiration that is typically between 5 minutes to no longer than an hour. This is perfect considering the time involved in analyzing and creating trading and exit strategies.”

NEO2 Squire developed trading signals software exclusively for companies and traders worldwide. NEO2 Squire currently has thousands of market investors using their software and watching their market updates in real time.

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“Our new signal software has given binary options traders a big advantage over the market,” says co-owner, Michael Freeman. ” This is a truly genuine idea in which solar, weather and environmental factors and merged with today’s cutting edge binary options technology. This will change binary options trading. A winning signal coupled with auto-trading software is worth every red cent to the trader.”

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