Newly Designed Kindle Palm Tablet – Kindle Oasis Was Launched on April 27, 2016

Press Release

On April 27, 2016 Kindle provided their current and new Kindle users the key features that make Kindle Oasis standout from the other kindle crowd. According to Tiffany “There is no e-reader that can perform as amazingly as Amazon’s Kindle Oasis.” This new Kindle product redefined a future generation to the e-reader line up. With its remarkable features and distinct design it’s easy for Kindle Oasis to stand out from others.

Kindle Oasis Palm Tablet is a first-class device from every angle. This product comes with 20% lighter and 30% slimmer compared to other models, with 0.13-inches thick clocking, 0.33-inches bump part and 0.28 pounds in weigh. When it comes to 300ppi display this measures 5 inches (similar to Kindle Voyage) but this is fitted with 60% more LEDS on side display to provide better reading experience and to improve lighting.

Because of the bump at the back of Kindle Oasis the device weight is centered on the palm, easier and comfortable to hold. In addition the sports physical page turning button is placed on the heavier side; this allows readers to visit one page to another just by tapping a button. This e-reader also comes with built in accelerometer which allow user to adjust the screen whenever they switch hands.

With regards to battery life, Kindle Oasis palm tablet comes with dual battery system. This outstanding battery system has the ability to last up to 1 month with a single charge. One battery is placed on protective cased, while the other is place inside the device. The 2 components are attached through a magnet, and simultaneously charged whenever plugged in.

Based on research, Kindle Oasis palm tablet is the most tricked-out e-reading device in the market today. Even if it comes with a really steep price of $289.99 USD, every feature is worth the price. The Kindle Oasis is also designed with e-ink display and app software, but not water resistant.

The objective of Kindle is to create a device that looks like paper so that people can read with less distractions. With the Kindle Oasis they have met this objective and nailed the mission amazingly. Available in merlot, walnut and black color the leather accessory comes with automatically recharge Kindle and magnets. For a full review on the features, visit Kindle Oasis palm tablet and discover what all the buzz is about.