Next-Gen DifferenP Shirt With Updatable Pocket Seeks Support With Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Press Release

ROME, Italy – Rising Italian fashion startup DifferenP has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter seeking support for a new line of shirt with next-gen updatable design pocket. Each pocket comes with its unique story enabling the users to complement the style statement as per moods, occasion or places.

Customers can purchase and compose products as they wish by matching the shirt colors with different pockets. The crowdfunding campaign was launched on April 14 and seeks to raise $22,740 (€20,000) by May 23, 2016.

“Our mind feeds on stories. There are books, blogs but we have taken a different innovative route altogether that lets us tell a story through exclusive designs. With our new line of shirt, we are here to make an evolution in product development which can be updated always through various unique pockets. But such a revolutionary step needs a solid monetary backup and your support through this crowdfunding campaign would be much appreciated”, stated a leading spokesperson from DifferenP.

The rising Italian startup is an endeavor by Federico Bulleri. A pro copywriter, Bulleri is joined by other fellow Romans in this creative initiative who hail from different industries such as writing, finance, design, marketing, art direction and graphic design. The first product from the group was DifferenP wallet which debuted at Milan Design week in April 2014. The idea of DifferenP shirt with updatable pocket came up when somebody threw a challenge at the team last year to make #differenp “the most common garment”. The group has come up with 8 pockets in exclusive designs as of now.

“Our brand works on an interactive approach where people design new and original products and create them through contests. You can even exchange the updatable pockets with other customers. With a good dimension of 8.5 by 9.5cm, our pockets are really functional.”

The pockets are made from Tyvek® which accepts complex shapes and colors just like paper but assures a tougher texture which is tear & water resistant. The material is recyclable as well. The DifferenP shirt is manufactured from 100 percent selected cotton that assures premium softness & high quality.

“We guarantee 100 percent premium Italian crafting to ensure our tradition of cool fitting, superb finish and durable products. After considerable research, we implemented an extra-thin hook and loop system allowing optimal adherence of the pockets to the shirt”, added Bulleri. The unisex shirt is available from XS to XXL sizes.

Bulleri and his team have offered some attractive rewards for campaign donors. Donations reaching $28 (€25) or more will reward backers with a box of 4 pockets in designs chosen by the donator only. A pledge of $31 (€27) or more can get the First Early Bird offer that includes one DifferenP shirt and 2 pockets in discounted Kickstarter price. Donations reaching $41 (€36) or more would come up with 2 DifferenP shirts and the same reward avails with a higher donation of $56 (€49) or more along with the additional facility of 4 pockets. Special packs are available for pledges starting at $70 (€62).

To support the DiffernP crowdfunding campaign, please visit KickStarter at

Media Contact:
Federico Bulleri
Founder of DifferenP