Office 365 Standalone Offer Unbeatable Prices On Office 2016 Standalone Products

Press Release

Microsoft office is one of the main reasons behind Microsoft’s long held dominance of the PC industry, and is a ubiquitous set of tools essential to the way many modern businesses work. However, some of their tools are more essential than others to specific businesses, and paying for a subscription to the whole suite is not economically viable. As such, Office 365 Standalone products offer a great opportunity for individuals to get only the software they need, and Office 365 Standalone is a website offering exclusive deals from the Microsoft store.

The new offers include money off Office 365 Standalone products and Office 2016 Standalone products alike, including the fundamentals like Word and Powerpoint and the latest generation tools like Access and Visio, showing how the company is evolving in response to modern business needs.

The 2016 suite is the biggest update of Office products in a generation, and individuals need only click the offer tiles on the website in order to be migrated directly to the Microsoft store where individuals will receive the software at the exclusive offer price. It has never been easier for individuals and businesses to save money on their essential software.

A spokesperson for Office 365 Standalone explained, “We are pleased to be able to introduce these exclusive special offers to our user base, which we expect will grow significantly over the coming weeks as word of these amazing offers spreads. We have been working with Microsoft for nearly a decade to champion their products to new audiences, and they have rewarded that hard work with incentives for our users that cannot be beaten. We look forward to sharing these great offers with more people than ever before, and seeing how the new generation of Office tools helps people transform their business’ success and streamline their way of working.”

About Office 365 Standalone: Office 365 Standalone is one of the official affiliates of the Microsoft store, and has been working with Microsoft for more than 8 years. They provide the very latest and best information, advice and recommendations together with the latest offers and deals on products in the Microsoft store.