Online Backup Service And Cloud Data Storage The Swiss Way Announced

Press Release

Customers looking for the latest Online Backup Service will soon be able to experience cloud data storage made in Switzerland, with local backup servers and managed service at a fixed price. Today Oliver Borgo, Senior Solution Adviser at UP-Great AG at Fehraltorf, Switzerland, releases details of their new Service.

The Online Backup Service (BaaS) is designed to appeal specifically to medium and large businesses and includes:

Online backup for a fixed price – To make sure the client can easily calculate their ongoing costs, the fixed price was included as part of the solution because the customers shall have peace of mind when it comes to expenses for cloud solutions. This is great news for the consumer as it will massively improve their ability to reduce costs for data security and backups, which will help to invest more ressources in other areas of their business. .

Managed backup service – The cloud backup solution will be fully managed.This will erase the need for manual exchange and storage of tapes, unburden the internal IT department and help reducing costs. Customers will enjoy this feature because it will include a complete Off-Site backup solution. This will minimize the costs and complexity of maintenance of their infastructure.

Restore with local backup server – In order to make it as easy as possible for the customers to access and restore any data at any time, UP-Great will offer their customers full control vial local backup servers and easy integration with their workflow. Customers will be provided with a fast and secure way to save and restore whole systems as well as single files. This local solution helps to restore files and virtual machines within minutes.

When asked about their new Online Backup Service, Mr. Borgo said: “At UP-Great, we strive to provide our customers with secure and affordable IT-solutions. With our new managed backup service our custormers can now save time and money – and secure peace of mind. Because there will be no more tape-handling, but quick and complete control over their end-to-end encrypted data. And the fixed monthly price makes it easy to keep track of all expenses.”

This is the latest offering from UP-Great AG and Oliver Borgo is particularly excited about this launch because “Customers have been asking about an easy and unexpensive online backup solution for quite some time – and we listened. I am excited about our new service because it broadens our possibilities to satisfy the needs of our customers.”

Those interested in learning more about UP-Great AG and their Online Backup Service can do so on the website at