Sales Verification Company Launches New TPV Public Awareness Campaign

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Sales Verification Company, a leading provider of third party verification services, launched a new public awareness campaign. With regulators across the country and in a range industries increasingly pushing for more third party verification (TPV) of sales and contracts, companies in a variety of industries face a host of associated challenges. The new Sales Verification Company initiative will help business leaders understand how best to arrange for cost-effective, reliable third party verification services and what to look for in a partner. As part of the new public awareness campaign, Sales Verification Company has recently published a number of useful new guides and informative articles on the company’s website at

“Whether to cut down on costly chargebacks or to live up to regulatory requirements, third party verification is a fact of life for many businesses today,” Sales Verification Company representative Montana Spencer said. “Through our new public awareness campaign, we’re going to help companies across the country understand the value of working with a truly excellent TPV partner. Far from being a commodity, top-quality TPV services cut costs, improve reliability and access to verifications, and convey real competitive advantages.”

As consumers in many sectors have discovered, many transactions today are governed by regulations that require an independent party to verify the authorization of the sales contract . Third party verification services are also actively sought by businesses that benefit from the creation of reliable, independent records of their sales and new contracts. Verification recordings can be to defend a company against illegitimate claims of “slamming,” that could otherwise result in expensive penalties from regulatory agencies.

Sales Verification Company is one of the world’s leading providers of such services. Clients can utilize the company’s live or automated TPV offerings and enjoy immediate access to recorded sessions, along with a wide range of associated services including customized reports and data management options. Innovative products like the SVC Express TPV campaign management system can even cut down on the setup work traditionally associated with the industry, lowering effective costs even more.

Above all, Sales Verification Company management team members and employees consistently deliver industry-leading value by catering specifically and flexibly to the needs of each client. As the new Sales Verification Company public awareness campaign will demonstrate, working with a TPV provider that stands out from the rest can cut costs for businesses while creating new opportunities in the process. Those interested can learn more at

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Combining innovative, state-of-the-art systems with customer-focused flexibility, Sales Verification Company is one of the world’s leading providers of third-party verification services.