Screen Printing Company Reinfall Design, Re-Brands Their Image

Press Release

People looking for the latest and greatest from the screen printing & embroidery industry will soon be able to get involved with Reinfall Design. Today Eric Stecks, Owner at Reinfall Design releases details of the company’s re-branding and release of their newest product line.

The company’s new image is designed to appeal to schools, businesses and organizations in the 21st century. Reinfall Design ensures that all of their products are of the highest quality to meet the demands of each and every

customer. This is great news for the consumer as it will give more confidence in getting exactly what the customer orders online and what they receive in the mail.

A 100% Money Back Guarantee is made part of their service, since Eric says it gives customers the comfort of knowing they are getting what they ask for. Customers who invest in these products should enjoy this because it will ensure that customers gets exactly what they want, guaranteed.

Reinfall Design delivers excellent customer service and Eric made sure to make this an intrical part of their new development, as it ensures that customers receive the highest quality attention and get exactly what they need. Customers in need of custom apparel and head wear will likely appreciate this because Reinfall Design takes pride in making sure that the customers get the highest customer care and service..

Eric Stecks, when asked about the Reinfall Design’s commitment said “We have made major changes to improve our quality, guarantees and customer service and are proud to relaunch our brand.” This is the latest offering from Reinfall Design and they are particularly excited about this new re-branding launch because they has been working on this for several years to ensure the best service and quality and finally all the pieces are in place to provide the nation with high quality apparel at an affordable cost.

Those interested in learning more about Reinfall Design and their screen printing & embroidery service can do so on the website at