Seek Professional Help And Avoid Pest Infestation

Press Release

April 13, 2016 – Pest Defense Solutions, one of the up and coming pest control companies in New Mexico, issued a statement saying their springtime pest control program is underway. This announcement is sure to get support from homeowners worried about infestation during this time of the year.

“Before spring arrives, it’s a good idea to subject your home to a complete pest treatment program,” says Garrett Sego, official spokesperson and Co-Owner for Pest Defense Solutions. “Our company offers a wide range of services to ensure your home is free from pests and vermin, and we offer the same treatment program for commercial establishments as well.”

Statistics show that pests have become a serious problem in Albuquerque, and what’s more alarming is many homeowners don’t seek out professional treatment until the infestation has spread. According to Sego, this approach is fraught with risks and makes treatment difficult and more expensive.

There are some that think that the DIY (do it yourself) approach is the best way. That may be true for some things but not when it comes to controlling pests in the home or office. Insects today (some) have created immunity to some of the store bought chemicals and that is where a pest control company such as Pest Defense Solutions comes in. Using on the latest environmentally friendly chemicals that work is key to the success of this company.

“Homeowners really shouldn’t wait until the termites, ants and other pests are widespread before seeking help. With our spring time pest control we’ll make sure these pests are eliminated before they cause any major problems. Our control package will take care of ants, spiders, termites, bees and more, and each one is handled by professional servicemen who are fully trained for these tasks.”

The importance of spring time pest control has never been more obvious than it is now, and Pest Defense Solutions is at the frontline. “We are a new company and yet we have already gained the trust of a lot of residents, and our springtime maintenance program is our way of thanking and helping them get rid of pests.” Visit the website at