Solo Moto Parts Release Motorcycle Safety Guidelines For Upcoming Cinco De Mayo

Press Release

Motorcycling is an incredible experience and much more than a mode of transport: it is a taste of true freedom and adrenaline that makes roads both a pleasure and a thrill. Motorcycling is especially popular during public holidays, and Cinco De Mayo is one of the most popular holidays with the riding community. Unfortunately, this makes it a peak time for motorcycling accidents, the causes of which are many and diverse. Solo Moto Parts helps people secure parts and accessories for their bikes online, and has just published a new guide to surviving Cinco De Mayo.

The top ten Cinco de Mayo Safety tips include common sense suggestions like avoiding riding intoxicated, as well as more unusual behavioral suggestions like avoiding riding in the early morning or late at night, when drivers of motor vehicles are less alert and pose a greater threat to motorcyclists.

The article also encourages individuals to ensure there is always a designated driver, avoid speaking on the phone or listening to music via Bluetooth helmets, and refresh protective equipment that could be worn out or sub-par.

A spokesperson for Solo Moto Parts explained, “We understand that bikers love to ride to Cinco De Mayo events, but with such increased traffic and belligerent, even drunk drivers on the road, it would be crazy not to make clear that the danger is greater to motorcyclists around this event. As such, we do recommend taking extra precautions as well as using best practices to make sure individuals are healthy and safe enough to enjoy the event in all its glory. We will be heading to a huge Cinco De Mayo party, and using these techniques to make sure we are safe on our travels. We wanted to make sure our customers would be too.”

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