Statewide Texas Traffic Accident Victim Outreach Campaign Launched

Press Release

The McDonald Worley Law Firm today announced the launch of a State wide campaign in support of motorists involved in traffic accidents both minor and more serious involving catastrophic injuries. Residents in the state of Texas who have been involved in a wreck are urged to call into the firm to discuss what happened and what can be done to help them.

“It’s about opening our doors to the public,” said Donald Worley, founder and personal injury attorney at Houston based McDonald Worley, “in time of crisis, we want people to know they have someone to talk to who can provide straight-talk about their rights – no legaleze.” The new outreach campaign was designed to take the uncertainty away from Texas motorists, who fear talking to a lawyer after an incident. “No pushing, no cajoling, no cost, no hassle, just a frank discussion about your options under the law.”

Traffic accident participants have encountered enough trauma after a crash, it can be a devastating time. McDonald Worley maintains this is the time people need unconditional support, understanding and experience. “However, if you want to take legal action after discussing the pros and cons with our attorney, of course we can help.”

The award-winning firm is already well known for what it can accomplish in support of accident injury victims, having won millions for their clients to date. The stakes are too high after an incident involving injury or wrongful to just call any attorney, Mr. Worley noted, referring to their past record of successful wrongful death litigation and slew of trial victories with settlements worth millions to victims. Details of how the award-winning law firm can help those interested in taking legal action can be found here:

“We want people to have no strings attached access to an experienced attorney who can make a difference in their case in those crucial moments following an crash” added Mr. Worley, “the time when so many make crucial mistakes resulting in the loss of significant compensation — avoidable mistakes if only they had consulted a competent lawyer in time.”

Collisions involving semi-trucks, passenger vehicles, SUV’s, bus accidents, you name it – if a participant has been involved and the accident occurred in Texas, they are urged to contact McDonald Worley to go over what they can expect from everybody involved including the insurance companies, the defendant’s lawyers, judge and jury. This way they don’t get sideswiped by something they didn’t expect in the legal claim process.

The Texas highways are responsible for some of the highest accident rates in the entire country with commercial transportation vehicles speeding through the state day and night.

Working with so many injured and affected by motorist accidents over the years inspired the Statewide campaign in his mind – so they could take the anxiety out of talking to a lawyer who can make a difference.

“No surprises, no fast talk – just listening to what happened and providing straight answers,” said Worley. “That says commitment to me.”

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