Supremasea to Launch Major Products This Year

Press Release

Thermalabs number one sub-brand, Supremasea, has revealed that it’s on course to launch major, innovative skincare products this year. This announcement comes after the sub-brand failed to announce another release after introducing its first product – Tan Enhancer – late last year. Thermalabs had earlier announced an increase in its research and production budget year, and this latest development might be an indication that move is bearing fruits for the company.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics firm that’s based in the US and specifically headquartered in New York. The company became popular after its market debut with a range of top-notch self-tanning formulations. The pilot product, ‘Gold Standard Tanner’, was immensely popular. The product was designed from heavily organic and natural ingredients such as Olive Oil and Aloe Vera. In the first year, Thermalabs also introduced its bestseller tanning wipes and tanning applicator.

Currently, Thermalabs has furnished the cosmetics space with a portfolio of at least 15 different products, constituting self-tanning lotions, tanning accessories and spray tanning machines. Most of these are bestselling products on Amazon, where the company sells its products. Supremasea was launched as an attempt by the high-flying company to expand its influence beyond the self-tanning niche.

The Supremasea is officially recognized as Thermalabs private collection of Dead Sea mineral-based product. It was established to bring the multiple benefits of the Dead Sea to the company’s consumers, in the form of premium products. According to scientific research, the Dead Sea is home to thousands of different salts, at least 12 of which are unique to this body of water. These special salts have the capacity to enrich the skin and improve overall health. Through Supremasea products, Thermalabs is able to combine these mineral salts with conventional skin care ingredients whose benefits for the skin are well-known. In their first-ever launch, Tan Enhancer, Supremasea combined a special blend of Shea butter with mineral salts. The product also constituted Vitamin E and other top ingredients. A highly successful product in the marketplace already, Tan Enhancer was marketed as a luxurious moisturizing lotion. It keeps the skin supple, as well as protects it from free radicals and other environmental pollutants. It is a great lotion for self-tanning buffs who are looking to maintain that radiant glow after a tan. There’s a hint that the new product additions that Supremasea is working on will be exfoliating scrubs designed to get great results within the confines of organic. It’ll be interesting to see what precise ingredients these products will have, and how they will compare against the already trending Tan Enhancer.

Earlier this year, Thermalabs also announced Tent World, a new sub-brand that will oversee the company’s range of sports and beach tents. Each new tent would provide a relaxation spot for users when camping, picnicking, hiking, or just spending time at the beach. Thermalabs decided to name these tents after planets in the solar system. Already, the first tent, named ‘Mercury Beach Tent’, is already doing rounds in major marketplaces such as