Technotup Publishes New Article On Getting The Best From WordPress Hosting

Press Release

Running a successful website is a complex and multi-faceted challenge, but just as with building a house or a business model, a solid foundation is essential to later success. For web developers, this means securing excellent web hosting that will ensure a seamless experience for website users, offering fast transfer speeds and constant uptime. Technotup is an online guidance site that specializes in helping people find the best and best value options for modern software and hardware challenges, and has updated its list of the best WordPress Hosting providers for 2016.

WordPress is a powerful, flexible and user friendly way to build amazing looking websites without having to understand code, and has a rich community of template builders creating amazing looks for a wide range of applications. WordPress optimized hosting allows people to get the best possible performance from websites that use the platform.

The article ( helps people identify the best hosts for providing best performance, and offers an overview of the top three performing hosts, with a comprehensive guide to their unique selling points, advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as a guide to their best package and how much it costs, so individuals can make informed decisions based on their own priorities.

A spokesperson for Technotup explained, “We are pleased to be able to provide a brand new top three when it comes to WordPress Hosting. After the publication of our initial article we had many individuals happily signing up to the hosts, but we weren’t content with that. We continued our search and shared our findings with other companies, who upped their game and delivered outstanding packages for amazing prices. Now, we are sharing those as the best offers currently available on the market, and they are offers it will be difficult to beat.”

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