The Baby Lodge Launches New Variation of Inaugural Child Safety Lock Products

Press Release

According to data released by the National Capital Poison Center, 2,165,142 accidental poison exposures occurred in 2014. This is the most recent year for which information is currently available. While the majority of these involved children under the age of six, poison control centers across the nation also reported more than 56,000 calls in regard to pets consuming potentially harmful substances.

Authorities point to increasing popularity of hardware-free cabinetry as a primary factor in these figures. Phyllis Greene of The Baby Lodge is well aware of the statistics having previously introduced a new take on the traditional child safety lock, created to accommodate more modern home and furniture designs. In light of tremendous positive response to the company’s inaugural product, Greene has launched a new variation of their lineup.

Said Greene, “Conventional child safety lock devices only work on cabinetry with handles or pulls, and that allows little ones and pets alike ready access to the household cleaners, cosmetics, medications and even sharp or heavy objects inside. Our mission to help combat the issue began with our baby blue multi-purpose locks, and we’re now expanding the line with a white version.”

The Baby Lodge’s child safety lock employs a triple-locking mechanism and attaches to surfaces using foam adhesive tape. These products work with recessed handles as well as visible hardware. Available on Amazon at, the locks are adjustable and designed for use on most flat, non-heated surfaces such as toilet seats; kitchen, bathroom and shop cabinets; refrigerators; trash cans and wardrobes.

Based on information found on The Baby Lodge website (, the locks are available in packages of six with both printed and video instructions included. Tools are not required for installation, and the products can be removed with heat. The company is offering a 731-day satisfaction guarantee on its child safety locks.

Greene concluded, “More information about our products, ideas for their use and an array of parenting tips are available on The Baby Lodge’s Pinterest boards. Our new child lock complements most modern home decor and furniture. It’s simple to install, easy for adults to open and designed to cause no damage to surfaces when removed. We fully understand the challenges of parenthood, and this new product variation is just the latest step in our efforts to help make life a bit easier for our customers. As always, quality remains high on our list of priorities.”

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