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Toronto criminal defence lawyer, Jeff Hershberg is excited to announce, his official website, The Best Defence, provides easy access to a wide range of criminal law information and interesting topics both on the website and through his social media links. In fact, Mr. Hershberg’s social medial links were recently incorporated as quick links directly from The Best Defence website pages.

Jeff Hershberg has a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Yelp. Together with the content and information available on The Best Defence website, present and future clients can read up the on the latest news and happenings in the law, learn more about specific criminal offences, and even comment, share, like, and re-post information on Mr. Hershberg’s various social media sites.

Providing easy access to criminal law information and the latest news further underscores Jeff Hershberg’s continued and ongoing commitment to excellence for current and potential future clients. Mr. Hershberg’s legal firm provides a wide array of criminal law legal defence services for people, who have been charged with criminal offences through the Greater Toronto Area and elsewhere in Ontario.

The law firm is particularly well-known for its ability to handle high profile cases, including weapons offences, drug offences, and homicide offences, and being able to provide clients faced with these offences the dedication and commitment it requires to provide exceptional legal representation. In addition, Mr. Hershberg is experienced in numerous other areas of criminal law and criminal offences, as well as bail hearing and youth offences, to provide his clients with the legal representation they require.

The Best Defence is one of the few legal websites which offers access to a wide range of information, content, and news through its main website and Mr. Hershberg’s social media sites. Providing vital information for people and making it easy to access is vital for anyone, who is searching for relevant information related to potential criminal charges they are facing, or someone attempting to find answers for a loved one, who has already been arrested and waiting for a bail hearing.

Jeff Hershberg strongly believes it is in a person’s best interests to seek their own legal representation and advice upon being arrested and charged for a criminal offence. It is not uncommon for people, who have been arrested and charged to not understand their legal rights, especially the right to remain silent. As such, they might openly speak to police investigators or Crown lawyers about their charges and actually hurt their case because they failed to consult with their own criminal defence lawyer.

Besides providing a wide array of legal information, people are able to contact Jeff Hershberg directly through The Best Defence website to schedule a no-obligation, free case evaluation and consultation appointment to discuss their legal matters further, as well as submit questions about criminal law. However, Mr. Hershberg strongly recommends contacting the law firm directly by telephone for urgent matters, like obtaining legal representation for a bail hearing, rather than using the online form.

Jeff Hershberg represents clients both with the GTA and through Ontario and has traveled outside the GTA when providing legal representation for his clients. He provides legal representation for clients from all social-economic backgrounds, ranging from the rich and famous to those who have difficulties in retaining the services of their own criminal defence lawyer in Toronto. Mr. Hershberg does accept Legal Aid and is one of the few, high profile defence lawyers to do so.

To learn more about Jeff Hershberg, The Best Defence, and the law firm’s services, please feel free to visit the official website at or contact Mr. Hershberg directly by phoning 416-428-7360 to schedule a free consultation appointment.

About The Best Defence

The Best Defence was created by Jeff Hershberg, Toronto criminal defence lawyer as an informative website where people and potential clients could utilize to learn more about criminal law and the criminal law offences he defends clients against. Mr. Hershberg began his journey to become a criminal defence lawyer by attending York University, where he graduated with honours and received his Bachelor of Art’s degree. He continued his education at the University of Windsor, were he earned his law degree. Mr. Hershberg is a well-known defence lawyer and partner of one of Canada’s largest criminal defence law firms, Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross, Gorham and Angelini Law Firm.