The Canadian Institute of Scalp and Hair Specialists Weighs in on Importance of Receiving Prompt Hair Loss Treatment

Press Release

The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists (, a Toronto-based organization offering hair loss treatment for over 25 years, is weighing in on the importance of receiving prompt hair loss treatment when balding begins to occur.

A recent article in Business Insider sounded the alarm on people who wait to seek hair loss treatment. According to the article, many men who experience balding delay getting help until it’s too late, leading to permanent baldness. (Source: Green, D., “Why you should never wait to deal with hair loss,” Business Insider, April 18, 2016;

“With hair loss, the sooner treatment is sought, the better the outcome,” says Ken Robson, founder of the Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists. “Like with any medical issue, the sooner these things are caught, the greater number of effective treatment options that are available. When someone notices hair loss and chooses to wait, they are really gambling with their hair.”

The article states that there are a variety of reasons why men delay seeking treatment when they first notice balding. One of the big reasons, according to hair loss specialists, is denial; many men don’t want to admit that they’re losing their hair, so they attempt to ignore the problem.

“It’s not just men that ignore hair loss,” Robson notes. “For women too, hair loss can be an embarrassing experience, so some women try to pretend that it’s not happening. However, this is the worst thing a person can do.”

Another reason why many people delay seeking treatment is that they try their own home remedies or treatment methods. In the article, several of these treatments are listed, including coconut oil and over-the-counter treatments from drugstores.

“A lot of these treatments don’t work, and, some of them may work for some types of hair loss but not others,” Robson explains. “The issue is that while a person is spending time on these unproven treatments, their balding can be getting harder to treat.”

There are many causes of hair loss, each of which may need their own treatment methods. For instance, according to Robson, hair loss caused by stress may be treatable through lifestyle changes, but male or female pattern baldness can be incredibly difficult to stop or address.

“The only way to know what treatments will work is to see a hair loss specialist,” he adds. “There are a variety of treatments available today, from hair transplant surgery to topical treatments. However, only a hair loss specialist or dermatologist can help find the right one.”

The Business Insider article suggests that men of any age who experience the signs of hair loss should seek immediate help. That includes men in their twenties, who are less likely to go to a doctor and may believe that they are immune to balding.

“There are more treatment options available than ever before,” Robson concludes. “Prompt treatment will mean a really good outlook these days, but waiting too long may mean setting up for failure.”

The Canadian Institute of Scalp and Hair Specialists is the leading provider of treatment for hair loss, offering clients a number of options, ranging from hair transplant surgery to topical hair treatments.