Therapist Offers New Pet Bereavement Services Available Anywhere

Press Release

Pets are a part of people’s families, and many have their pets for years. Therapist Carol Landesman of Oregon is well-known in the area, having received the 2016 Patient’s Choice Winner award, and is recognized as one of the area’s top counseling practices. Landesman offers a large variety of holistic services and therapy, but one has jumped to the forefront and risen in recent popularity. Carol now offers pet bereavement therapy on her long list of offered services. This type of therapy has gained momentum of the last year, as many people seek her help in dealing with the loss or future loss of their beloved pet. Carol states that she herself is a dog owner, and knows first-hand “how devastating this kind of trauma and loss really are.”

Landesman focuses the concept of pet bereavement on dealing with grief, and she states that “if it is not fully experienced and resolved, becomes cumulative.” Carol narrows her therapy principles on understanding and developing coping mechanisms needed to deal with pet bereavement as well as any form of loss and pain. “Such an immense loss can not only trigger the grief from the present time, but evokes memories of pain and grief from the past,” states Landesman. Carol helps people resolve all past issues that are connected to such a devastating loss as well as the current occurrence.

Recognizing the surge in clients seeking help for their loss of their beloved pet and family member, Landesman has opened her services to all who need it. Based in Oregon, Landesman has realized through her clientele that a loss of a pet is common and devastating. Hoping to reach and help a wider audience, Landesman now offers pet bereavement services and therapy through phone sessions as well as Skype sessions. She has also tailored the pet therapy to include individual, couples, and group bereavement sessions.

Pet bereavement therapy and help is on the rise in the U.S. Landesman now offers a chance at resolving pain and grief to those who are seeking assistance. People who are interested can participate in person, by phone, or by Skype. For more information, please visit on pet bereavement as well as other services she offers.