Thermalabs Best Selling Self Application Mitt Makes a Phenomenal Debut in Europe

Press Release

The Ultimitt, Thermalabs immensely popular self-application mitt, is performing extraordinarily well in the European market. The product apparently has made it to the best-selling charts in multiple categories on major e-commerce marketplaces in the continent. Already, Thermalabs Ultimitt is Amazon’s #1 bestselling product in both France and Germany. This is a great milestone for a company that’s looking to expand its influence in the cosmetics industry to Europe.

This is not the first time that a Thermalabs product has scored to the top selling charts in Europe. In previous time, a significant range of the company’s releases, including its self-tanners, tanning accessories, and moisturizing lotions, have won multiple accolades on The company appears to have mastered the art of highlighting their unique product benefits to completely new audiences.

Thermalabs is an American cosmetics firm that became popular due to their top-notch formulations for self-tanning. Since it opened its doors nearly three years ago, Thermalabs has furnished the cosmetics space with a wide range of effective tanners that contribute to a sexy tan. The firm’s pilot launch was an organic and natural tanner known as ‘the original self-tanner’. Following a strategic marketing approach by Thermalabs, this lotion managed to sell thousands of units within its first one week in the market. It also helped the company hit over 50, 000 customers within its first 12 months in the market.

The Ultimitt was Thermalabs third-ever release, after the Original Self Tanner and Glow2Go. This was an improved tanning applicator mitt that was designed to solve the problems of existing mitts in the market. The mitt is compatible with Thermalabs tanners, as well as those from competing brands such as St. Tropez, Jergens, St. Moriz, Clarins, Banana Boat and Fake Bake. It is also big enough to fully cover the hand during application. This way, users do not get smears or stains. Thermalabs has also emphasized that their Ultimitt applicator is better than any other mitt in the market. It contributes to an even, streak-free tan, doesn’t crack or break, and is easily washable.

Earlier this year, Thermalabs announced that it would be spending more money on research and marketing. To that effect, the company has already launched a number of new products this year. One of the major milestones that the company has made is start a new sub-brand that will be responsible for its sports and beach tents. Clearly, the company appears to be determined to expand beyond its traditional influence in the self-tanning niche.

Kat, an Amazon user who bought and used this product, reviewed, “This makes applying self-tanner so much easier and even. No dark tan marks between my fingers or knuckles that I miss. My favorite is the facial mitt that comes with it. Makes the application so easy. Easy to clean.”