Thermalabs Exfoliating Gloves Set Scores Rare Ratings from Customers Around the World

Press Release

Exfoliating Gloves Set, one of Thermalabs latest and most successful products, is scoring top ratings from customers around the globe. This is incredible news for a company that’s looking to solidify its position as the number one provider of top-notch cosmetics products in the industry. Most other of Thermalabs products, including its self-tanning lotions and accessories, have also scored top ratings and positive reviews on and other major online shopping marketplaces. Despite being launched a few months ago, Thermalabs Exfoliating Gloves Set has earned an average 4.5-star rating from over 120 customers on

Thermalabs is a premier cosmetics company that’s determined to reduce cases of skin cancer. The company creates products that are based on natural and organic ingredients, eliminating the need to rely on unhealthy, chemical-loaded cosmetic aids. For instance, Thermalabs range of self-tanning lotions are based on powerful ingredients that get results within a short period of time, thus dispiriting the need for sunbathing, which exposes the skin to harmful radiation from the sun. Critics have contended that Thermalabs unique approach, and obsessive focus on ‘green, healthy and organic’ has helped make the firm a commanding player not only in the self-tanning niche but also in the general beauty market.

Thermalabs Exfoliating Gloves Set comes across the board as a natural, eco-friendly exfoliating solution that produces a soft silky feel. At a time when most customers are skeptical about exfoliating aids that are based on harmful chemical ingredients, Thermalabs was able to seize the opportunity and create an exclusive exfoliating mitt that is based on loofah and bamboo, sisal and jute. The company’s mitt unclogs pores, stimulates proper blood circulation, removes Dead skin cells, and reduces body hair growth.

Jaylore, an Amazon user who used Thermalabs Exfoliating Gloves, reviewed, “liked the packaging it was all simple cardboard and clear wrap… all very recycle friendly… loved the mitts they come with a nice chart of how to use and what each step and mitt is for , very helpful … the size of the mitts are created in the size more for female smaller hands , as to the fact that I have very small hands and the mitts stayed on my hands well , never had to readjust them or the feel of them going to fall off , so I used the gloves in the ways and order the directions stated , loved how they made my skin feels like it was getting a surface message, I do have very poor skin as on the rougher side I do love how my skin feels now with just one use… I did put on a very small light layer of moisturizer …I have a wonderful soft glowing look to my skin… the feel soft and smooth in the morning too …looking forward to using them for a length of time and let you know how things are working out …hope it is all super smooth”