Thermalabs Expanding Its Spray Tanning Machines

Press Release

Thermalabs, a major player in the cosmetics industry, is looking to expand its range of self-tanning systems. The company so far has five airbrush and air gun machines available in the market. Going by the name ‘Thermalabs Caribbean Professional’, these systems help users accomplish a beautiful tan within a short period of time. They have been increasingly popular since scientific evidence discredited sunbathing as a way to obtain a tan.

Thermalabs has been an incredible player in the self-tanning niche over the last few years. The company was established nearly three years ago in New York City. It opened its doors with a promise to contribute innovative products that would help reduce cases of skin cancer across the world. By the end of the first year in the market, Thermalabs had furnished the market with at least 7 different products and amassed a global consumer base spanning over 50, 000 customers. Currently, the company’s product portfolio includes over 15 tanning lotions, tanning accessories and spray tanning system. Critics have often emphasized that Thermalabs focus on natural, organic and green formulations has led to its immense popularity within a short span of time. The company also contributes a tenth of its annual profits to charity. In line with its overall goals for global skin health, Thermalabs empowers nonprofits that create cancer awareness, as well as educational institutions that are working to discover a cure for this terminal illness.

Thermalabs existing spray tanning systems have been doing notably well in the marketplace. The company has spent a significant amount of resources to demonstrate how these machines can be used to contribute to a sexy tan within the confines of health. Some of the more popular products by Thermalabs include the Samana Spray Tanning machine and the Eleuthera Self Tanner Spray Gun. Spray tanning decreases the risk of skin cancer that’s associated with traditional methods such as sunbathing that expose the skin to hazardous radiation. It is also a great option for people who are looking to adjust how dark their tan gets, as well as those who are looking to achieve a tan within a short time. Thermalabs has said that its spray tanners contribute to an even, streak-free tan.

Thermalabs coordinator for marketing endeavors, Mr. Howard, said in a press statement, “Thermalabs is working on expanding the range of spray tanning machines available in the market. Over the last two years, we have noticed that there’s increasing demand for good airbrush and spray gun systems. We have invested a great deal of time and resources to advance the unique benefits of spray tanning amongst our user base. The decision to produce new machines was made so that we could improve our offering to comprehensively cover the needs of all users. Our production factory for tanning accessories is working hard to make sure that these new additions are available in coming few weeks. Visit our official website or search Amazon for ‘Thermalabs’ to find all the new products that we are making.