Thermalabs Opens Up On Its Multi-Brand Strategy

Press Release

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has finally revealed the much debated about the reasoning behind its multi-brand strategy. In recent times, the successful company has launched one sub-brand after the other, in what has appeared to be the baby steps in a long-term expansion strategy. Critics have been discussing Thermalabs interesting strategy over the last one year, ever since the company launched Thermalabs Caribbean Professional, and Supremasea. The third sub-brand that the company has announced in recent times is Tent World.

Thermalabs is a highly successful brand by all means. Registered as an American company, and based in New York, the firm operates a major production center in Israel. Thermalabs innovative entry into the market over two years ago was marked by ‘Original Self Tanner’, the company’s pilot product. This was an immensely effective tanning lotion that was based on exclusive and unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Japanese Green Tea. A clever marketing strategy helped pitch a quality product to a market that was desperate for ‘organic and natural’. The initial success that Thermalabs derived from its pilot product helped skyrocket future efforts by the company.

Thermalabs Caribbean is the company’s range of spray tanning machines. This sub-brand was designed to help introduce spray tanning, which is immensely beneficial and important to customers who are not interested in conventional tanning approaches. The company has created at least six products under this flag name, with a promise that more, top-notch spray tanning solutions are to hit the market soon.

Supremasea, the second sub-brand announced by Thermalabs sometimes last year, is headed by Ms. Kristina Meyers. According to the official Thermalabs website, Supremasea is the company’s private collection of Dead Sea mineral-based products. This brand would oversee the production of a range of products based on the unique minerals extracted from the Dead Sea. According to science, the Dead Sea is home to over 45, 000 different mineral salts, at least 12 of which are unique to this water body. So far, Supremasea has one product, the Tan Enhancer, which is a moisturizing lotion that leads that that perfect glow after a tanning session. Supremasea is also working on new formulations that are set to launch anytime from now.

Tent World is Thermalabs youngest sub-brand. Managed by Ms. Ann Spencer, Tent World will oversee the production and marketing of Thermalabs range of beach and sports tents. These are top quality tents that will be used as a hiding or relaxing place in outdoor settings. Already, the company is marketing Mercury Beach Tent, which is a multi-purpose instant popup tent that works extremely well at the beach.

Mr. Howard, Thermalabs coordinator for marketing, said, “There’s been quite a debate surrounding our multi-branding efforts in recent times. Well, to clear the air and set the going straight, Thermalabs is looking to create multiple brands in line with future efforts to service customers within the cosmetics industry. Although we are creating different brands for different categories of products, our eyes and activities are still trained on the cosmetics aspect, and we project that things will remain so for the foreseeable future.”