Thermalabs Tanning Applicator is Now a Worldwide Best Seller

Press Release

Thermalabs much hyped about Tanning Applicator Mitt – the Ultimitt – is now a worldwide bestseller. The product has won multiple accolades on major international marketplaces such as, but this new accomplishment sets it apart from all its competitors. Apparently, being ranked as the #1 bestseller means that the Ultimitt is the best mitt available in the market. This will likely lead to a massive increase in sales, owing to the fact that customers are always looking to settle on the best available option at any one time.

Thermalabs has established itself as a dominant and here-to-stay player in the cosmetics industry. When the company made its debut some three years ago, renowned industry critics were quick to point out that the new brands didn’t have the manpower and finances necessary to take on the big brands. However, things changed after the company launched its pilot product, named the Original Self Tanner. This was a premium self-tanning lotion created from exclusive ingredients such as Japanese Green Tea, Olive Oil, and Aloe. The lotion helped get an attractive tan barely four hours after application. The product’s effectiveness and ability to deliver a sexy tan made it an instant hit. Within a month, the then young company was shipping tens of thousands of units of the product. Within its first one year in the market, Thermalabs had cultivated a global community spanning over 50, 000 customers. It also got the solid foundation it needed to produce many more products and serve an increasingly global market.

Thermalabs Ultimitt is the company’s third-ever launch, after the Original Self Tanner and Glow2Go tanning wipes. The Ultimitt was created to serve as an alternative applicator mitt at a time when most other existing mitts were either too small or ineffective. Thermalabs Ultimitt was marketed as the ‘bigger and better’ alternative. According to the company, it was big enough to cover the entire hand and avoid staining during applicant. It was also easily washable and didn’t crack or break. Compatible with Thermalabs own range of self-tanning lotions, as well as competing lotions from other brands such as Fake Bake and St. Tropez, Thermalabs Ultimitt was seen as the superior product in the market.

Traditionally, Thermalabs prowess has been felt in the self-tanning niche, where the company has availed multiple tanning lotions and accessories. In recent times, though, the company appears poised to expand its influence. Thermalabs last year announced that it would be starting a new sub-brand, Supremasea, that would focus exclusively on a private collection of Dead Sea mineral-based products. Thermalabs has also introduced Tent World earlier this year. This is the second sub-brand that will take over the production of a wide range of beach and sports tents designed for multipurpose outdoor use. Thermalabs steadfast efforts are gradually solidifying the company’s position as a superior provider of tanning and general cosmetics product. The fact that it’s Ultimitt is still a top-selling product two years after being introduced shines a light on the product’s consistent quality.