Thermalabs Tanning Applicator Mitt Gets Rare Reviews in the UK

Press Release

Thermalabs Ultimitt appears to be doing pretty well in the UK market. This is no surprise considered that the product was recently marked a global #1 bestseller on the e-commerce marketplace. This is an incredible achievement for any product that’s looking to net customers from all over the world. So far, Thermalabs has accomplished this feat with at least five of its products. In addition to, which generally serves the American market, Thermalabs also sellers its products in other regional marketplaces, such as Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Germany, among many others. This has been an effective strategy that the company has been used to localize its product offering in multiple jurisdictions.

Thermalabs is a renowned American cosmetics firm that became known due to their top-notch formulations for self-tanning products. Headquartered in New York, Thermalabs operates production facilities in other parts of the world, including a major center in Israel. The company is dedicated to a skin cancer-free world. According to one of its founding employees, Mr. Howard, Thermalabs saw the need to provide proper alternatives to sun-based tanning that is known to lead to skin cancer. In addition to creating top-notch formulations that can help it reach its goals, Thermalabs also donates a percentage of its annual proceeds to charity. Most of these donations are distributed to skincare nonprofits and educational institutes that are making efforts towards finding a cure for cancer.

Thermalabs Ultimitt was launched sometimes in 2013 as the third-ever product after Original Self Tanner and Glow2Go. It was created to solve the limitations of existing tan applicator mitts, which were often too small, too hard to wash, or too ineffective. By creating an applicator that was bigger, better, more effective and longer-lasting than all competing mitts in the market, Thermalabs figured that it could be able to win customers in droves. The Ultimitt is big enough so that it prevents hand-staining. It is also easily washable, doesn’t break or crack. These unique product benefits have helped set it apart from the competition, and make it a preferable applicator mitt for any lotion amongst UK beauty buffs.

In addition to the Ultimitt, other highly successful products that Thermalabs has availed in the market include the Glow2Go tan wipes, the Mercury Beach Tent, the Tan Enhancer, the Protectan Sunscreen Lotion, the Exfoliating Gloves and much more. Slowly, Thermalabs is building an extensive range of products that has helped boost its profile in the global cosmetics niche.

Jazz, an Amazon UK customer who actually bought and used Thermalabs Ultimitt, reviewed, “Best tanning mitt ever! I professionally apply tan and use a mousse. This mitt was perfect. I bought two for easier application. You use less tan, the mitt doesn’t go soggy and it is waterproof but I still choose to wear gloves. Tan goes on evenly and streak-less. I recommend these mitts to my clients for self-application too. The little facial mitt was handy too.”