Thermalabs Working on New Handmade Products

Press Release

Thermalabs, an emerging organic cosmetics firm, has revealed that it’s working on a new line of handmade products. This is a major move for a company that started operations barely three years ago. Handmade health products are in high demand these ways, and the company is probably looking to capitalize on an ever-growing market. However, if Thermalabs history is anything to go by, the company is set to produce a portfolio of exclusive products that will feature the highest quality and give competitors a run for their money.

Thermalabs made its debut in the skincare industry sometimes in 2013. Back then, the company introduced itself as an innovative new firm that was dedicated to a skin cancer-free world. Within months, the then startup launched a self-tanning lotion that was known as the ‘Gold Standard Tanner’. It was marketed as the most effective lotion in the market in that it helped users get a beautiful and sexy tan within a couple of hours after application. The product was also based on an impressive range of both organic and natural ingredients, including the likes of Japanese Green Tea and Aloe Vera. Thermalabs marketing tactics for their pilot product were an immense success. Within a week, the firm had sold thousands of units of the product. Later on, the company launched two of its other most popular products – Glow2Go tanning wipes, and the Ultimitt tanning applicator mitt. By the end of the first year in operation, Thermalabs had attracted over 50, 000 customers for its natural tanning products.

Today, Thermalabs is looking to expand beyond its traditional influence in the tanning niche. Already, the company has announced two new sub-brands that will help it realize a diverse range of products. The firm’s Supremasea sub-brand, which was established last year, is responsible for Thermalabs private collection of Dead-Sea mineral based products. The second sub-brand, Tent World, was launched earlier this year. This division will be tasked with overseeing Thermalabs range of beach and sports tents each of which will be named after a planet in the solar system.

According to Ann Spencer, a brand manager at Thermalabs, the new handmade products will be launched under a new sub-brand christened ‘Thermalabs Organics’. This will be a pure collection of handmade natural and organic products. The company will source its ingredients from herbs and seeds in the mountains of Galilee, which is home to a number of holy sites in Israel and the Christian world in general. In a shift from the norm, Thermalabs will also be relying on the ancient knowledge of the Ramban while making these new products. The Ramban is recognized as one of the most prolific physicians and scholars in Hebrew history. Despite the fact that he lived about 1000 years ago, his insights on health are still considered important today. Several schools and hospitals in the United States are named after him. Thermalabs Organic will be a new innovative health approach that will involve combining modern knowledge in health/medicine with ancient wisdom.