Third Annual Brain Chase Treasure Hunt Announced for Summer 2016

Press Release

Brain Chase Productions, the online education company specializing in global treasure hunts for kids, is announcing their third annual summer Brain Chase. Beginning June 20, 2016, students around the world in grades 2-8 can embark on an online learning adventure in search of the Mask of Tomoe Gozen, a gold-plated, mechanical trophy named after a female samurai warrior. The first participant to pinpoint the location of the lost mask within a two-mile radius will receive an all-expenses paid trip to go unearth the real-life buried treasure that holds the key to a $10,000 scholarship!

Designed to combat the “summer slide,” children who participate in the 6-week interactive Brain Chase will complete weekly online learning challenges through academic partners such as Khan Academy, Typing Club, Google Books and Rosetta Stone. Students can also choose elective challenges including Engineering with Leo Labs, Cooking with Edible Education, Yoga with YogaMeDo, Art with Thorpe Studios, Creative Writing, and Brain Chase Book Club. Upon the completion of each week of academic challenges, an original animated webisode with kid archaeologists from the Grayson Academy of Antiquities is unlocked that contains hidden clues to the location of the buried treasure. Previous Brain Chase winners were whisked away on real-life adventures to Spain and Japan to dig up their prizes.

“Brain Chase immerses students in an educational environment that is disguised by the exhilaration of a massive treasure hunt,” said Allan Staker, CEO of Brain Chase Productions. “With this summer’s new quest for the mask of the historically brave samurai, Tomoe Gozen, we continue to redirect screen time into positive, academic digital experiences that keep kids sharp all summer long.”

In addition to the online electives, Brain Chase includes weekly Bonus Challenges, three different adventure tools in the mail, a completion certificate and patch, and weekly update emails to parents. Early-bird pricing is now available now through May 15, 2016 beginning at $69. To join the Mask of Tomoe Gozen Brain Chase adventure, please visit



Brain Chase began as a simple conversation between two parents, Heather and Allan Staker, who sought out to design a program that would keep their own five children sharp over the summer. Knowing that most students lose about two months of hard-earned knowledge over the summer months, Heather and Allan launched the online program to the world in June 2014. With much success, Brain Chase became the motivational tool to help kids return to school in the fall fresh and confident. In addition to its direct-to-consumer product, Brain Chase partners with schools and community programs around the country to offer Brain Chase at group rates. Brain Chase now offers spring, summer and fall programs year round.