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“63% of Americans sleep on their side, yet many are putting a tremendous amount of unnecessary pressure on to their hips and shoulders which is causing significant long-term damage” says Stephen May Founder of

There are several crucial factors which are at play when trying to find a mattress to suit a sleeping style, when it comes to side sleepers this is all the more important since a significantly larger proportion of a persons body weight is focused on just one side of the body and in particular around the hips and shoulders.

This Top Ten Mattresses for Side Sleepers was recently published to help educate consumers on the several factors that need to be considered when shopping for a mattress.

The above consumer guide researched and analysed multiple mattress types, firmness & thickness to provide consumers with a detailed guide to whom mattresses based on the above criteria are best suited for side sleepers. Other criteria were also included such as the mattress brand, price & warranty.

Visit to learn about what features a mattress for side sleepers should include. Included in the list are popular brands like Serta, Simmons as well as online only brands such as Zinus, Signature Sleep & Lucid.

“Choosing the wrong mattress for a persons sleeping style is such a detrimental mistake that consumers do not want to make, with people spending more than 1/3rd of their lives sleeping it is critical that consumers understand how a mattress can affect their sleep and their body” warns Stephen May.

TopTenMattresses consumer guides have been designed to walk consumers through a step by step process, educating them as to the variety of choices that are on offer as well as the pros and cons of each. After which, consumers can then begin to consider there own personal sleeping habits and how this may affect their purchasing decisions. Factors such as firmness are discussed along with sleeping positions to ensure the mattress helps to relieve stress on pressure points such as the hips and shoulders whilst ensuring the spine is properly aligned at all times.

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