Umbrella Company UK Launches New Offshore System To Help Individuals Save 90% From Tax

Press Release

Offshore accounts have been hitting the headlines seemingly every week in the last few months both in the UK and in the US, as the tax loopholes of the super-rich are being exposed, but never changed. While many are outraged, still many more want to know if it is possible for them to save their own hard earned money from the tax man. For them, Umbrella Company UK now offers a unique solution: an offshore set up for ordinary individuals.

The new service ( ensures individuals can get massive reductions to tax without any paperwork, ensuring more money stays in their pocket. Indeed, the take home income rate using the offshore model offers market-leading retention rates of up to 90%. With fully up to date compliance with HMRC legislation, there is absolutely nothing illegal about the practice.

Individuals secure instant access to their money in much the same way as their typical high street banking current account would work, meaning there is no functional difference for individuals and freelancers, while benefitting from tax loopholes and incentives usually only available to huge multinationals.

A spokesperson for Umbrella Company UK explained, “We believe that if the super-rich are going to benefit from a system, the best way for that to trickle down is to democratize it and make it available to everyone. Now, for self-employed, sole traders, freelancers and small limited business owners who are their only member of staff, there is a vastly superior way to get the best deal against taxation, used by the super-rich and now available through Umbrella Company UK. We believe this will be a great equalizer for the economy, and a godsend to anyone looking to increase their take home margin.”

About Umbrella Company UK: Umbrella Company UK enables sole traders, freelancers and single employee limited company founders to use the umbrella company system to legally recoup more of their money than ever before by using tax loopholes set up for large multinationals. They offer competitive processing rates and dedicated account managers, enabling individuals to put all their work through the umbrella company and be paid through them, with full HMRC compliance, while retaining 90% of their income.