Website Hosting Domain Name Checker Business Expansion Launched

Press Release

A domain name specialist that sells website URLs and offers cheap website hosting has announced a new business expansion launch for people looking to find cheap domain names. Domain Specialist has been in business since 1999, offering safe, reliable and trustworthy service with live phone and chat support twenty four hours per day, and the new business expansion will underscore that service allowing clients a number of new deals.

More information is available on the official Domain Specialist site at:

Domain Specialist prides itself on getting customers’ ideas online as quickly and affordably as possible. As part of this goal, they aim to make the URL acquisition process as easy as possible. After the new business expansion domain names can be registered for as low as $4. The new expansion also allows them to offer full web hosting from shared to clustered cloud, an award winning website builder, spam-free email, web marketing, e-commerce solutions, secured SSL certificates, protection and privacy as well as online storage solutions.

To coincide with the business expansion, the company is offering a number of deals for its customers. Dot CO domains are on sale for only $9 instead of the regular price of $25. Similarly, a personal domain can be bought for just $7.99, a reduction from the original price of $20.

There are a number of other offers available, all detailed on the website, and available throughout July. With the new features in the expansion interested parties wanting to check domain names or buy domain names for an online business or personal use will find an easy to use search tool on the Domain Specialist site. They can look for and find details of any domain name they can think of, and once they make a purchase, the site explains how customers will receive a number of free benefits on top of their purchase.

Every domain name comes with domain forwarding and masking, which allows people to point the domain to a website they’ve built. This way, when people type in the new domain name, it will send users directly to the website. There is also full DNS control, a domain locking protection service, and full protection with auto renew. This takes away the hassle of having to remember when to renew the domain, and makes things easier for the customer to run.