WeightNot Launches WeighFit Wearable Activity Tracker

Press Release

WeightNot, a company providing all natural, holistic weight loss plans that deliver rapid and sustainable results, has launched a new wearable activity tracker called WeighFit.

The WeighFit tracker captures data including steps walked, distance, calories burned, sleep time and more. In addition, the flexible device can be worn as either a wrist band or as a clip to accommodate wearer preference.

“Wearables are valuable tools for those looking to improve their health and weight, and we wanted all of our members to have an affordable and robust wearable option to support their progress on our program – so we developed one specifically to meet the needs of WeightNot members,” said Paul Amoruso, WeightNot CEO.

WeighFit trackers sync wirelessly with the WeightNot App for iOS and Android, making data capture simple and convenient by eliminating the need for manual entry of activity information. Activity data can also be viewed on the WeightNot Web Dashboard, which updates with App data automatically. Both the WeightNot App and dashboard provide graphical summaries that help wearers to understand and modify activity patterns across the day.

The new WeighFit tracker bands are featured on the WeightNot web site here – www.WeightNot.com/weighfit

About WeightNot: WeightNot is a weight loss company based in Bethesda, MD, and was founded in 2010. Since its commencement, WeightNot has served thousands of members with a satisfaction rate of over 90%. WeightNot helps members make healthy lifestyle changes that lead to rapid and sustainable weight loss.