Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture Release Leather vs. Fabric Furniture Cost Comparison

Press Release

Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture has posted a detailed comparison of costs when choosing leather furniture vs. fabric upholstered furniture. Ultimately, cost is seen as one of the major components which affect the decision on which type of furniture to purchase. According to the recent blog post, determining the true cost of upholstered furniture is somewhat more complex than might be expected. Comparison of purchase price is an incomplete accounting, since upholstered pieces also are subject to maintenance costs, repair costs, and replacement costs.

The first consideration which must be made, according to the blog article, is that only leather furniture of the highest quality is the subject of the comparison. Cheap or low quality leather furniture may not compare favorably with fabric upholstered pieces. The comparison begins with the initial purchase price. In furniture of the same size, this cost is due largely to the difference in cost of fabric upholstery material and the cost of leather.

Leather stands up better to normal wear and tear. It is less likely to tear and retains its color well. These are common complaints with fabric upholstery, which tend to rip more easily and will fade, especially when exposed to sunlight. However, leather requires some maintenance which is not required of fabric. Usually this consists of distilled water and mild soap. Fabric upholstery usually requires professional cleaning services which can add to the cost of the furniture. Fabric upholstery will often need repairs or a complete re-upholster which is unnecessary with fine leather.

Replacement of a fabric upholstery piece may be necessary three or four times during the lifetime of the frame. A leather couch or other piece will often last decades. The selection of a leather furniture piece should be made carefully, since it is likely to be around for a long time.