Yurz, Inc. Offers Advice On How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

Press Release

No matter how successful a business may be, a customer is bound to become dissatisfied with their services. What matters, is how the company deals with the complaint, not necessarily with the complaint itself. A big part of successful digital marketing is productively handling negative online reviews. Digital advertising agency Yurz, Inc. offers helpful solutions to dealing with unhappy customers, and explains how to turn the situation around to ultimately benefit the company.

“A good business should value all of their customers- even the ones that aren’t always so easy to deal with,” explained CEO of Yurz, Inc., Jeffrey Essebag. Yurz, Inc. shows companies how to do everything in their power to maintain a good online reputation despite any presence of negativity. “Practicing good customer service is a great way to turn around a negative situation online,” continued Essebag.

When a business gets a bad review online, it’s important that they handle the situation promptly and with care. There are a few ways a company can reach out to a disgruntled customer. Directly responding to complaint is a great way for other people to see how the company handles their clients. The business should express their sincere apologies and offer some sort of resolution; whether that be through compensation, a discount, etc. The act of publically turning an upset customer into a happy one, is more valuable than if there were no bad review in the first place.

A successful business knows how important customer satisfaction is. CEO of Yurz, Inc., Jeffrey Essebag, pointed out, “Sure, receiving a negative review isn’t something a business hopes for, but they should see it as an opportunity for growth.” For every customer that complains, there are more just like them that aren’t taking the time to write a review. “It’s important that the company keeps an open mind, and does everything they can to better themselves by learning from the situation,” finished Essebag.

Digital advertising agency Yurz, Inc. currently provides state of the art marketing solutions to businesses nationwide. To ensure clients see a company’s many positive reviews, Yurz offers BirdEye review management to boost their clients’ online reputations. For any comments, questions or concerns, contact a representative at (800)699-8243 or for more information please visit http://www.yurz.com/.