Zen Windows Michigan Adopts Breakthrough Business Model

Press Release

Zen Windows Michigan, the well-known authority for door & window installation in the Detroit area, has a completely different business model than most window and door companies, in an effort to improve customer service and maintain their commitment to providing the highest quality windows at the best price. 

The Zen business model eliminates the need for a commission structure, and along with it, the high-pressure sales environment. What this means is that customers will be able to browse doors and windows themselves, from the comfort and convenience of their computer, tablet or other mobile device, and choose what they want without someone looking over their shoulder. 

Of course, the company will offer customer service for those who need advice on which window or door to choose, but the goal is to make sure that every customer is matched up with the perfect door or window product. 

Zen Windows Michigan owner Meryl Weprin is no stranger to direct window sales, having been around the industry for a couple of decades. The founder, Dan Wolt, said that he knew early on that the traditional business model hadn’t “felt quite right,” and that he could sympathize with customers who wanted a different method than the direct sales approach. 

“If you’ve spent any time shopping for windows or doors, you could probably relate to a number of high pressure tactics,” said Weprin. This includes a variety of strategies to attract new customers and get them to buy immediately, such as offering trade-in programs on old windows, free installation, discounting with buy-one-get-one offers and offering discounts only available in a certain neighborhood – with a “today-only-price.” 

Although this is almost exclusively the way windows and doors are sold in the United States, Weprin felt that the company could offer something better to their valued customers. 

The Zen Windows approach is different than what the others are offering. Because Zen Windows limits their franchise opportunities to only those who have a great deal of experience in window sales, installation and service, they don’t have to rely on high-pressure tactics or salespeople who are more interested in a commission than in getting the customer the right doors or windows. 

The homeowner or business owner enters information about what they need and what style they want and they get a black-and-white price quote with no surprises. In addition, in doing away with the commission structure, Zen Windows is able to charge a significant amount less than the other, commission-based, door and window dealers. 

About Zen Windows & Doors – Customers can drop a visit to find out more about Zen Windows and get the aforementioned price quote. There is no mystery – just a fast, crystal-clear quote and then customers pay for the windows once the project is finished and they’re are happy with the new window or door installation.