United States Election 2016: Cruz Lands A Decisive Victory In Wisconsin Against Trump


Republican Ted Cruz emerged victorious in Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary in Tuesday. The Texas Senator defeated rival Donald Trump by gaining close to 50% of the vote, revitalizing efforts to halt the billionaire businessman’s march towards the GOP nomination.

“Tonight is a turning point, it is a rallying cry to the people of America,” told Cruz to supporters in the election night in Milwaukee. “We are winning because we are uniting the Republican Party.”

By significantly winning the election, Cruz demonstrates his capability of winning the hearts of more than just the staunch and religious conservative Republicans who have been the cornerstone of his campaign.

Despite leading the Republican race for months, Trump’s loss was attributed to the series of missteps he made along the way, including his controversial stance on abortion and defending charges against his campaign manager on roughing up a reporter.

Meanwhile on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders wins big over Hillary Clinton. While this victory provides him fresh incentive to keep contending against Clinton, Sanders still falls behind in the delegate count.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has pushed her forward into a quite formidable lead. But Sanders’ presence remain persistent in the race, making it difficult for Clinton to focus her attention to the general election.

Now both the Republican and Democrats are setting their sights on the key races in the New York’s 19th April primary which promises a huge number of delegates to be won.