Caucuses were chaos. Should Colorado have a primary instead?


The process is different for Republicans and Democrats.

Only eligible, registered Republicans can participate.
The benefit of a primary, both parties say, is increased participation.
KMBC 9 News and will have updates through the day on Saturday. Also, party members must live in their current precinct at least 30 days before the caucus to be eligible. They have also set up an additional caucus site in St. Louis, Mo., for the convenience of Wichita State University Shocker fans who may be there to watch their team play in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. And 1 million unaffiliated voters sat on the sidelines.
The record turnout of 122,000 represents only 14 percent of registered, active Democrats in Colorado.
If you plan to caucus for democratic candidates, you need to go to a specific location. At the core, the caucuses are party building exercises.
The big difference between parties this year is that Democrats will have a presidential preference poll.
Last year, an effort in the state legislature to bring back primaries failed.
“I have to vote for a Republican“, said Al Loma, a resident in the precinct who offered to serve as the group’s delegate to the general assembly this spring.
Republicans will meet March 26 and Democrats will meet March 12. If you are not enrolled in a political party, you can register on site at any of the caucus locations. That could be a significant issue, because some Republicans nationwide – including Brownback – are suggesting that the party may have a “brokered” nominating convention. Voters literally gather together in groups to support a particular candidate, and they can move from one group to another before the final tally is taken.
There will be people there giving speeches and stumping for their favorite candidates, but voters don’t have to stick around for any of that.
Colorado Democrats and Republicans have tentatively agreed to push for changing the state’s system of choosing presidential candidates to a primary election, instead of a caucus. A representative for each candidate can make a brief pitch to convince voters to their side.
“I think things have changed”, said Republican Party Chairman Steve House.
Who pays for the Republican Caucuses? Do the delegates from Kansas all vote the same?
Slated for March 5, democrats from across the state will file to their local gymnasium, church, or other voting station to show support for either former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. She ended up becoming one of three delegates awarded to Sanders from that precinct. A candidate must have 1,237 by the Republican National Convention in July to become the party’s presidential nominee. Similar sentiments are echoed by state party leaders, who are flooding the media with releases and e-mails aimed at generating excitement for what is turning into a neck-and-neck horse race.
Anxiety over the future and America’s place in the world, as well as the unconventional campaign with a huge number of candidates is driving interest in the presidential race, state GOP Chairman Rick Bennett said.
A Republican delegate elected to the national convention can commit to support a candidate on their intent to run form, or can remain unbound.