Polls: Trump increases lead in Michigan, poised to win Kansas


Republicans have held four contests that were closed: Iowa, Nevada, Oklahoma and Alaska. Cruz has labeled Trump “profane” and “vulgar”.

Going into Saturday’s voting, Mr Trump led the field with 329 delegates. Let’s say Trump goes into Cleveland with a delegate plurality but not majority. If committed Trump forces aren’t filling in those slots, there’s a reasonable chance that party regulars are – people with more loyalty to their local establishments than to the terrifying and polarizing Trump.
Trump is leading by a large margin in polls in Kentucky and Louisiana, where Rubio appeared unlikely to reach the 20 percent threshold needed to win any delegates.
Now, Clinton is looking at Louisiana – followed by MS on Tuesday – to close out the Deep South.
Her campaign isn’t conceding Kansas and Nebraska, either. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination.
The Nielsen company said Friday that’s also the fourth most-watched Republican debate of the 2016 campaign cycle – a testament to the extraordinary interest these events have had for television viewers. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) won caucuses in ME and Kansas.
So Rubio is staring at a likely third place finish in a state with 46 total delegates at stake. “I do, however, understand that the United States is bound by laws and treaties and I will not order our military or other officials to violate those laws and will seek their advice on such matters”. “All of their chosen candidates, all of their golden child candidates aren’t winning, and they can’t actually get the votes from the people”. Rubio had 123 delegates and Kasich had 33. “Ted Cruz because they are unqualified to be president”, the editorial states. Rubio replied that he didn’t “even want to imagine that right now”.
Washington (CNN)The Orlando Sentinel endorsed Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton for their respective parties’ nominations on Friday, almost two weeks before the state holds its Republican and Democratic primaries.
The next two Tuesdays will be tough for Sanders. But, Rottinghaus added, it’s a steep climb: Cruz would need to make a decent showing in both OH and Florida, and then win in Missouri on March 15 “to make any kind of stand”.
Sanders will put up a fight, particularly in the Great Lakes states. “So tonight, we will have more delegates than we did last night”.
How will he fare there?
The debate went down a negative path early on when Trump responded to Rubio’s contention last month that Trump had “small hands”.
Ahead of a debate Sunday night in Flint, Michigan, Clinton met with about 20 African-American ministers in Detroit on Saturday and said “the future” of the Supreme Court was on the ballot in November’s general election. He’s already won next-door New Hampshire and Vermont. They pressed him over off-the-record remarks to The New York Times in which he apparently signalled flexibility on his signature proposal to deport undocumented migrants.
In Louisiana especially, a bad week of news for Trump seemed to have an impact.
Trump’s rivals, who’ve tried just about everything to disrupt his juggernaut, can take comfort in one thing: The rules for Saturday’s round of voting make it easier for candidates to claim a share of the delegates than was true in some Super Tuesday states, when Trump rolled up seven wins to three for Cruz and one for Rubio.
Trump’s language, admired by his supporters as frank, has drawn wide criticism for its crude insults. Meanwhile, former Republican nominee Mitt Romney launched a counter-offensive against Trump from his home in Salt Lake City.
So he needs victories big enough to keep anyone from stopping him, even at the Republican National Convention.