Twitter’s Tweet has more room in the 140 characters limit


Finally, there is more space to tweet! Twitter handle (“@” symbol), photos, videos, and GIFs are no longer considered in the 140 characters limit. On Tuesday, Twitter mentioned that the changes will be implemented in the coming months.

“This will make having conversations on Twitter easier and more straightforward. No more penny-pinching your words to ensure they reach the whole group,” stated Todd Sherman, Twitter’s Senior Product Manager in a blog post.

A “reply” function will be added to allow users to show their reply to everyone. The other change is the “@name” at the start of a tweet will now be viewed by all followers. There is no need to add the confusing way by “.@” anymore.

“That concept of brevity, speed and live conversation — being able to think of something and put it out to the world instantly — that’s what’s most important. As long as things are fast, easy, simple and expressive, we’re going to look at what we can do to make Twitter a better experience,” said the CEO Jack Dorsey, who recently returned to the company.

There are doubts that the change may not bring back users who abandoned the social media service. However, Twitter desires to increase the user growth rate to compete with its rival, Facebook.