Baghdad Shaken by IS Claimed Bombings

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The market in Sadr City was left charred, smoking, and was filled with puddles of blood on the ground after the deadliest bombing on Wednesday, claimed responsible by the Islamic State group.

A bomb in a pickup truck filled with fruits and vegetables was parked by a man who vanishes in the crowd. The car bomb was then detonated, killing at least 64 people and wounded 87 in the market.

Karim Salih, a grocer, told The Associated Press that “It was such a thunderous explosion that jolted the ground” and “The force of the explosion threw me for meters away and I lost consciousness for a few minutes.”

Later in the day, two suicide bombers attacked police checkpoints in the northern district of Kadhimiya and in Jamia, in the west, killing 29 people.

The Interior Ministry cast the blame on “political bickering” which is increasingly being a threat to the security of the civilian population. Hussein Abdullah, an appliance store owner in Sadr City, said “Politicians are fighting each other in parliament and government while the people are being killed every day.”

Matthew Henman, head of IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center, said “All of these things distract from the fight against IS” and “The more the government is distracted with political upheaval, the more the Islamic State can capitalize on the lack of attention.”