France Bolsters Security for Euro 2016

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France’s security has been heightened for the kickoff of  UEFA Euro 2016. The soccer tournament is said to take place in at least 10 venues. The country’s security forces practiced various possible types of deadly scenarios like suicide bombing to biological gas attacks that could take place during the tournament.

Head of France’s Internal Security Patrick Calvar stated: “We risk being confronted by a new form of attack — a terrorist campaign characterized by placing of explosive devices in places where there are large crowds and repeating this type of action to create a climate of panic.”

Around 100,000 security force personnels have been deployed. Michel Cadot, Paris Police Chief, mentioned the tactics and techniques were changed to properly engage the risks for Euro 2016 after the devastating Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, costing 130 lives. Cadot said “We need to improve.”

He also expressed his concerns in fan zone areas where anyone can watch livestream of the games on  huge screens.

President Francois Hollande responded in a radio interview with France Info: “We have invested all the means to succeed, and we must not allow ourselves to be pressured by the threat.”

Ukrainian Special Forces captured a Frenchman on Monday who was planning to carry out attacks in France during Euro 2016. The man did purchase machine guns, TNT and several other lethal arms.

Vasyl Hrytsak, head of SBU or Ukraine intelligence agency, revealed they “managed to foil a series of 15 terrorist attacks which were planned to target France before and during Euro 2016.”

French authorities acknowledged the arrest.

U.S. State Department’s website stated for travelers: “Euro Cup Stadiums, fan zones and unaffiliated entertainment venues broadcasting the tournaments in France represent potential targets for terrorists.”