Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte to Reintroduce Death Penalty

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On Monday, Rodrigo Duterte, presumptive president of the Philippines, wants the Congress to reinstate the death penalty sentencing, which was suspended since 2006. Duterte, nicknamed “The Punisher,” advocates capital punishment by hanging for outrageous crimes. Convicted criminals for killing, robbery, and rape will suffer a second hanging. “After the first hanging, there will be another ceremony for the second time until the head is completely severed from the body,” he explained.

Criminals opposing arrest are replied with shoot to kill orders. “If you resist arrest…you offer a violent resistance, my order to the police or the military is to shoot to kill,” he said.

Objections toward the death penalty came from the Human Rights Chairman Chito Gascon. Gascon disapproves the death penalty because the constitution impedes cruel punishments like hanging. “In a country where the rule of law has so many loopholes and problems, what will happen is the possibility of a mistake conviction,” he continued.

Duterte is firm on his decision to fight illegal drugs and crime in the nation. “Stop messing with me, because I have a sacred promise to save the next generation from the evil of drugs,” he added. Furthermore, he stresses on getting rid of government red tape, abolishes corruption, and end crime within his six-year term.

In his first nationally televised news conference, Duterte will conduct a major military operation to strike and destroy Abu Sayyaf extremist on the southern Jolo Island.