Seventh Congress of Workers’ Party Brings Attention To North Korea

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Today, a new workday morning call were made at 5 a.m. –  an hour earlier than the usual time to wake up Pyongyang citizens. Started back in February, Kim Jong Un called for the “70-day battle” – a nationwide call to action to amplify productivity to prepare for the upcoming 7th Congress of Workers’ Party this Friday. This is quite a historic event as the last Workers’ Party Congress was held 36 years ago whereby Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s founder and President nominated his son, Kim Jong Il, to be the second-in-power and successor to the party. This congress is regarded as the highest political gathering in the country and it is meant to show the strength or power of the supreme leader.

There are many speculations on the reason why this congress is happening at this particular time. Some believe the “usual talk” will happen but others believe the supreme leader will demonstrate his authority in power, “byungjin” policy – a simultaneous development of the economy and nuclear weapons program, improving the lives of North Koreans and so on.

Over the years, North Korea have stirred some worries among the nations with the testing of nuclear weapons, launching satellites to the orbit, and firing several ballistic missiles. International sanctions were applied to protest against these illegal actions. South Korean and US government officials believes the supreme leader will have the fifth nuclear test either before or during the congress. The world can witness it because hundreds of international journalists were invited to cover this congress and realize the supreme leader’s plan to pursuit North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

The streets of Pyongyang are on the move as well. Young or old participates in large group performance rehearsals to show their public devotion to their supreme leader. Hyon Un Mi, a guide at the Arch of Triumph Pyongyang, expressed joy in preparing for this congress and said “Kim Jong Un is just like our father, just like our mother. And so we trust him and we do our best for building a thriving country.” Students also play patriotic music to boost morale.

Kim Jung Un is said to move away from his father’s “military first” ruling and follow his grandfather’s ritualized ruling.